2024 Jefferson Talent Show is March 1!

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Join us in person for this year’s Jefferson Talent Show!


A special Jefferson Night Out produced by the PTA

  • 5:00pm  ::  Pizza & concessions in Lincoln High School (hallway near auditorium)

  • 6:30pm  ::  Curtain rises in the Lincoln High School Auditorium

The annual Jefferson Talent Show is a beloved tradition that helps students gain stage confidence and develop self-esteem! Any Jefferson student — or group of students — may perform an act (must be less than 3 minutes) such as dancing, singing, comedy skit, jokes, juggling, magic tricks, gymnastics, playing an instrument, jumprope routine, hula-hoop routine, game show… or any other creative stage experience that entertains our supportive audience of Jefferson families!

Group acts are encouraged to help more students gain stage confidence. And 5th graders can try out to be one of our emcees who help set the tone for a very positive experience for everyone involved!


Talent Show Entry Form »  

Contact JeffersonTalentShowinfo@gmail.com with any questions!


Important Dates for Talent Show Participants

Guidelines and Requirements

Emceee Tryouts (5th grade only)


Music Files

Volunteer Opportunities

Important Dates for Talent Show Participants



PREVIEWS:  Feb 14-16  in Jefferson Multipurpose Room (assigned times for each act)

DRESS REHEARSAL:  Feb 29 at 6:00pm in Lincoln High School Auditorium

TALENT SHOW:  March 1 at Lincoln High School Auditorium, 5pm concessions open, 6:30pm curtain


Guidelines and Requirements

  1. Acts must be less than 3 minutes.
  2. Acts must be previewed by Talent Show Committee to gather info about content, length, costumes, music, props and pronunciation of performer’s names.
  3. Music must be cut and emailed as. mp3 file to JeffersonTalentShowinfo@gmail.com before Previews. (see tips below)
  4. Lyrics/choreography must be appropriate for elementary and must pass committee approval.
  5. Costumes must be conservative; no bare backs or tummies, including during flips, cartwheels, etc.
  6. Dress rehearsal on February 29 is REQUIRED for all participants and will run in the order of the show.
  7. Students may perform in only one act, whether a group or solo (not including 5th grade emcee skits).
  8. Emcee positions are for 5th graders who try out and are offered one of these leadership roles.
  9. All performers and student/alumni non-performers are welcome on stage to sing Jefferson Fight Song for closing act.


Emcee Tryouts (5th graders only)

We are looking for a few emcees to help lead the show as positive role models for all performers. Ensure you can meet the following requirements, then sign up using the entry form.  Tryouts will be February 9 at Jefferson during the school day.

  • Must be comfortable and confident on the microphone to enthusiastically introduce each act with correct pronunciation of performer names.
  • Fun-loving desire to collaborate with directors to create, rehearse and perform in opening skits.
  • Willingness to study the show’s lineup.
  • Eagerness to support and encourage all performers.
  • Must be a Jefferson 5th grader.


Previews Required for All Acts

Each act will be assigned a Preview time slot during the last two hours of the school day sometime between February 14-16.


At their assigned time, all performers in the act are to report to the Multipurpose Room. Members of the PTA Talent Show Committee will gather information about the act for show planning. The act will be performed in its entirety, including music if applicable (see below music tips). Performers will be recorded saying their name to help emcees learn pronunciations.

Each preview lasts 10 minutes. Performers report back to class immediately after previewing.

If the act involves props, it is optional to bring them. Be prepared to describe the props thoroughly so our Stage Manager can record them into the show notes.

Parents/guardians are welcome to attend their student’s preview if desired.


Acts with Recorded Music

If your act involves recorded music or audio, you must email an .mp3 file of final cut music (less than 3 min) to JeffersonTalentShowinfo@gmail.com prior to Previews. Optionally .mp3 file may be brought to your preview on CD, DVD or flash drive labeled with name of student and act. Media will be downloaded and returned to student during preview.

Tips for converting, editing and cutting music:

  • Songs from streaming services like Apple Music are Digital Rights Managed (DRM). Instead purchase the song from iTunes then convert it to .mp3 format using this Apple Support Guide.
  • AudioTrimmer free online audio cutter and mp3 converter
  • Audacity free audio editor (Windows or Mac download)
  • Audacity Tutorial Videos
  • AceThinker tool that converts a video URL to mp3

Performers who are singing to a recorded track are encouraged —but not required — to use an instrumental or karaoke version of their song. Please review all lyrics to ensure they are appropriate for elementary audience. Committee has right to question lyrics if necessary.

To avoid repetition of popular songs, a committee member will contact you if someone has already signed up with the same song to see if you’d like to consider a different song.


Volunteer Opportunities

STUDENT VOLUNTEER positions are available to greet guests and show them the way to the auditorium, help hand out programs, assist with concessions and other roles the night of the show.

PARENT VOLUNTEER positions are available to supervise students during Previews, Dress Rehearsal and Talent Show and to help sell concessions. Adults are interspersed into the performers’ assigned seating area at Lincoln Auditorium to help manage excitement and escort performers to backstage area, back into theater after performing, and to bathrooms when needed.

To volunteer, complete the Talent Show Entry Form.



Contact JeffersonTalentShowinfo@gmail.com with any questions!

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